Diversity, 股本和团结

布列塔尼戴维斯Bishop 奥康奈尔 High School is pleased to announce that English Department Chair, 布列塔尼戴维斯, has been named the school's inaugural Director of Diversity, 股本和团结, whose primary focus is ensure that we are living up to the promise of our mission for all of our students and our community, regardless of their ethnicity and background.

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"The beauty and test of our culture will be our ability to create harmony in diversity. I look forward to the days to come developing and working alongside each of my colleagues and students to make 奥康奈尔 a place that unites all. 去,骑士! "



We at Bishop 奥康奈尔 High School are committed to creating and sustaining a diverse and compassionate community grounded in a culture of integrity and equity. 

We recognize and value the unique God-given qualities and characteristics of each individual in our community.

学生 and faculty/staff are called on to listen more deeply to the experiences of others and to respond with resolve to live up to our Catholic mission, respecting the inherent dignity of the human person.



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